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Continental Super Sport Plus 27”x1 1/8 (28-630)


Continental Super Sport Plus 27”x1 1/8 (28-630)
Messengers, Hardcore Commuters and Fixie Riders
The Supersport pedigree is long standing in the Continental range, as a model delivering long mileage and amazing puncture resistance.
Borrowing a proven tread pattern from the venerable Grand Prix, the Supersport PLUS now features our Plus breaker belt, a thick elastomer layer beneath the tread to provide superior puncture protection
Robust, extra thick casing rubber provides extra sidewall durability, whilst added material in the tread strip defines tread life like no other.
Messengers, hardcore commuters and fixie riders - your tyre has arrived!.
When avoiding punctures is the sole requirement
Soft elastomer 'PLUS' belt under tread
Thorns, glass and other debris are pushed away rather than penetrating through

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