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Continental Race King 27.5”x2.20 (55-584)


Continental Race King 27.5”x2.20 (55-584)
For the skilled: A hearty tyre that wants to be raced
Impressive in cross-country races and marathons, for hardtails and full suspension race bikes, also popular with jump bikers. A voluminous carcass gives great self damping qualities whilst the the low rolling tread pattern keeps the speed up through the turns and through to the straights.
Choose from our two compounds : BlackChili and PureGrip. BlachChili models are built using our tubeless-ready ProTection casing. Our PureGrip range features tubeless-ready ShieldWall folding or standard wire bead models.
Our Tubeless Ready range of tyres have been recently re-engineered to inflate first time using a standard track pump.
Fast rolling XC dry conditions tyre
World XC Championships winning tyre
Good for XC & 4X racing

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