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Continental 5000 700C Tyre


Continental 5000 700c
The best allrounder in the field, brought to a whole new performance level. Ride faster, more comfortable and with increased puncture protection. Made to make you better.
+12% better rolling resistance (speed) : +20% more puncture protection : -10g lighter (25-622) : improved comfort
BlackChili compound: It’s all about how you mix it With our unique tread compound, which is produced only in Germany, we have revolutionised the sport of cycling. With the legendary BlackChili Compound we have answered the eternal question of the best balance of grip and rolling resistance for cycling. Regular test wins confirm the measureable and noticeable advantages for the cyclist, established in the laboratory and on the road. The latest polymers as well as specially developed carbon black particles and filler materials guarantee unique performance
Active Comfort : The revolutionary approach in cycling. Embedded in the tyre construction the Active Comfort Technology absorbs

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